How to write a winning Technical CV 

A winning CV is the first step to making a good first impression and getting you selected. Here are Albelissa’s 10 expert tips to get your technical CV noticed and help you get an interview in a competitive work environment!

Make it clear

Put your personal information in plain sight. You want employers to be able to contact you, so include your full name, location, phone number, and email address. Including relevant links to online profiles and projects, such as LinkedIn, Github, your personal website, etc., gives you and your work a better chance of being noticed.

A professional profile photo is always a welcome aspect of any resume, but not mandatory.

Sum up

Write a personalized summary of your CV with a clear statement of your career objectives and your technical experience. Make sure it is technically in line with the job you are applying for.

Use keywords

Many companies search for resumes using specific keywords. Highlight in your CV the keywords and technical skills most relevant to the role to be filled, to increase your chances of passing the preliminary screening process.

Improve readability

Use a clear and organized format. Structured with titles and subtitles. The use of bullet points makes reading easier. Start with action words and limit yourself to a maximum of two pages of concise content.

Choose your words carefully

Use technical terminology appropriate for your industry to demonstrate that you have in-depth knowledge of the topic.

Be proud of your past accomplishments 

Cite specific examples with quantifiable results. Showcase projects where your problem-solving skills, teamwork and collaboration, leadership, innovation and creativity contributed to success.

Stand by your words

Include certifications, technical skills, and mastery of tools. Highlight any patents or new products you have developed.

Make it personal 

List hobbies that demonstrate your passion for technology. Mention your contributions to open-source projects, participation in hackathons, or creating your own software projects.

Set expectations

Underline the matching criteria with the advert: clearly indicate your language skills, availability to travel or relocate if the job requires it.

Always double check!

Proofread your CV for possible errors. Technical candidates must be precise and meticulous in their work, so attention to detail is very important. Make sure your online profiles are consistent. Your CV must be in line with your public profile on LinkedIn, as it is not uncommon for companies to cross-check your information.

The CV is the first step in looking for a job. Technical CVs enjoy special attention from recruiters and hiring managers. A winning CV reflects the candidate’s skills and experiences and their ability to communicate them effectively!

Posted at thursday, 6 june 2024
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