Innovation and Technology in Aerospace

The Aerospace sector demands specialized skills and highly qualified personnel for research and innovation.

Based in Turin, Albelissa is a reference point in recruitment for the aerospace and avionics industry. Thanks to its strategic location and consolidated experience with companies in the sector involved in aircraft development, engines, satellites, infrastructure, and control systems, it offers tailored personnel recruitment services to meet the needs of companies, covering a wide range of profiles from junior candidates to top managers.

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Reference sectors

  • Space Systems
  • Systems Integration
  • Communication Satellites
  • Space Exploration
  • Engines and Aircraft

Our Value Proposition

The Power of Our Network

Our true strength lies in the extensive network of industry professionals we’ve cultivated.

With Albelissa, you gain access to top-tier Consulting and Talent Services. More than that, we seamlessly integrate our handpicked consultants into your team to drive innovation.

Fast-tracking Your Success

Our primary solution is simple: we find the right professionals for your needs, and we do it swiftly. Albelissa is committed to delivering highly qualified talent for your research and projects, ensuring we meet your timelines with precision.

Your Needs, Our Priority

At Albelissa, we believe in custom solutions. Our services are designed to address your specific goals and challenges. We pride ourselves on flexibility, adapting to your project demands to ensure your success remains our primary focus.​

Long-term and Short-term Partnerhsips

Our partnerships are as diverse as your needs. Whether you require a long-term collaboration or a short-term solution, Albelissa adapts to your timeline. Our clients, like Whirlpool and Haier, trust us as recurring partners over the years, demonstrating our commitment to building lasting relationships.

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Reference profiles

  • Lead Integration Technician
  • Inventory Specialist
  • Automation & Controls Specialist
  • Mechanical Engineer (starship tooling)
  • Senior Python Engineer (back-end)
  • Fullstack Developer Junior
  • UX/UI Graphic Designer
  • IVVQ and T&C Associate Engineer
  • Test Automation Engineer

Space Exploration: New Frontiers for Global Development

Just as past explorations—such as the discovery of the Americas and the conquering of the world’s tallest peaks—have driven advancement, so too does space exploration emerge as a paramount priority for the future development of the world economy.

Since the Second World War, in parallel with advances in avionics, our society has witnessed a space race. At first, the race was the prerogative of only the two great powers: the USA and the Soviet Union. After a long period of successes and defeats for both (see Sputnik, moon landing), we have come to the present day being able to take advantage of all the technological baggage learned along the way. Since the construction of the MIR and later of the International Space Station by public space agencies, it has become clear that there is a need to involve private agencies as well, so as to create competition and reduce costs. This is how several agencies saw the light of day, such as Space X, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic or Boeing Space Department.

Currently, numerous initiatives are being developed by both private and public entities, with some projects already well underway, including Falcon 9 rocket (Space X), with its first human crew aboard the Dragon spacecraft (after the Shuttle era) which will sail to the ISS, in turn kicking off as many important projects such as the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, a cislunar space station planned by NASA starting in 2020, with the first launch taking place in 2033. The Moon Village (ESA), also with the aim of returning humans to our satellite in the short term. Of course, just as many parallel studies, such as EMdriver (a new engine being studied by NASA), are important to be able to bring man to Mars in about ten years. No less important in this sector are the new or more advanced artificial intelligences, which are currently able to manage a car (Tesla motor), and also new concepts of alternative mobility such as drones – electric vehicles.

The aerospace sector is characterized by a high level of research and innovation that requires specific skills and highly qualified personnel.

Albelissa was founded and operates in Turin, a training and innovation hub in the field of Aerospace and an industrial area with a high presence of companies in the sector operating in the development of aircraft, engines, satellites, infrastructures and control systems.

This advantageous position, together with decades of experience in recruitment, makes Albelissa a leading company in offering highly specialized profiles in this field.

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