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Quality is Timeliness, Flexibility and Expertise

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Our strength is in our ability to listen to and understand our customers, and adapt quickly to their changing needs. We like to anticipate problems and propose timely solutions to react to our customers’ market changes.

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We react positively to new persons and situations with flexibility in all situations. Our cooperative attitude and adaptability is an asset to our customers and it influences positively our choices when responding to our customers challenges.

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Our staff and consultants are technicians and engineers with domain specific skills and expertise in various sectors and disciplines. We forward our clients’ projects by providing the exact resources and expertise they need. Our recruiters are experts at searching and screening available and passive talent for the most sought-after and hard to find talent.

Albelissa’s quality is guaranteed by ISO 9001:2015 certification

  • we have developed internal quality processes in all consulting areas at our Italian headquarters: Engineering, Recruitment and Staffing, Research and Development, IT Outsourcing
  • the quality of our services is the quality of your projects
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Quality: Engineering

Our Engineering services are focused on creating, deploying and supporting solutions for our customers which are delivered on a stringent ISO 9001:2015 certification process. Every year an accredited quality organization audits our system with whom we revisit our management process and make improvements to meet our customers’ expectations to continue delivering quality and consistency throughout our engagements.

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Quality: Technical Recruitment & Staffing

Our entire process of Recruitment and Staffing is run on a first-in-class US based cloud solution developed on Oracle technology. We selected the best for us. The efficiency and advantages we realize are passed along to our customers. We offer excellence and the possibility of hiring the best talent on the market.

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Quality: IT & Digital Outsourcing

Outsourcing allows for reduced operational costs and freeing up of local resources such that your company can focus on core IT project management activities while strengthening its supply chain processes. We deliver best in class IT technology outsourced through our delivery center in India and in partnership with your local IT suppliers. Quality IT deployment means on time, on budget projects with your functional teams trained to fully leverage Oracle and SAP technologies.

Our quality is guaranteed by our executive team’s extensive experience in managing IT & Digital outsourced operations from India to Europe for major multinational companies.