Blog  | 08.07.2024

Mastering the Art of Remote Interviews: Insider Tips from Albelissa Recruiting  

Remote interviews are to-be expected, essentially a standard step in the recruitment process. We unveil exclusive insider tips that can enhance your remote interviewing skills, empowering you to excel professionally and unlock exciting possibilities, whether you are considering a career change or aiming for growth within your current position.

Blog  | 27.06.2024

AI and Remote Work: Revolutionizing Virtual Collaboration    

Albelissa examines the dynamic realm of AI-powered collaboration tools, virtual assistants, and remote monitoring systems that are transforming the remote work experience.

Blog  | 19.06.2024

How AI can elevate your LinkedIn presence 

In today’s competitive job market, a captivating LinkedIn profile is your digital calling card. With AI technologies at your disposal, optimizing your profile for maximum impact has never been easier.

Vertical photo of A man interacts with artificial intelligence to optimize and automate computing, security, backup, cloud and data transfer processes.
Blog  | 12.06.2024

The Era of AI: A Rival or Professionals’ Partner?   

The rapid development of AI in recent years has led to conversations regarding its capability to displace human employment, but perhaps a different outlook is worth exploring.

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Blog  | 06.06.2024

How to write a winning Technical CV 

A winning CV is the first step to making a good first impression and getting you selected. Here are Albelissa’s 10 expert tips to get your technical CV noticed and help you get an interview in a competitive work environment!