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Albelissa Information Technology outsourcing (ITO) provides solutions in software development, software consulting and IT-enabled services.

We consider our team as innovators and bridge builders between technology and business.

Our ITO core is in providing solutions, tools and products in Document Management System, Supply Chain Management and Distribution Systems, Project Management and Advanced Analytics.

The Albelissa ITO service line includes:

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IT Consultants

Albelissa provides highly qualified technical, functional and management professionals in locations throughout USA, Europe and India. We can augment your teams and lower costs with specific competency IT consultants from abroad.

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Servizi Professionali PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source object-relational database. At Albelissa, we are ready to help you with the PostgreSQL migration, development, optimization, and support of all your back-end PostgreSQL databases, whether they are traditional local installations or newer versions hosted in the cloud.

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QA Services & Software Testing

Albelissa’s QA Services Division’s primary focus is testing of enterprise class applications to uncover defects through manual and automated testing tools, before and after going live. Albelissa has expertise in tools such as QTP, Silk and LoadRunner. Our TCOE (Test Center of Excellence) framework ensures minimum defects in production.

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Analytics Control Software

Advanced analytics, decision-making software and process control solutions based on math-optimization, artificial intelligence (AI), dynamic simulators and predictive models. Such software technologies, combined with corporate big data, support complex business decisions and systems control, enabling real-time optimization.

Albelissa aims to deliver to our clients, a successful blend of domain knowledge, implementation skills and human perception in the highly competitive world of software consulting services and IT enabled services.

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ERP Solutions & Custom Application Development

Albelissa has available ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) consultants for implementation and customization of your enterprise applications. We have developed complex business critical applications using .Net Technologies, have specialization in using Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Center, Share Point, Biz Talk, Web Services and have developed tailored applications for clients using Microsoft patterns and practices. Our consultants are certified in Oracle and Microsoft technologies.

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Data Warehouse

We offer data warehousing (DW) solutions designed to support companies in the effective management and analysis of their data. Our team is highly specialized in several areas, including database administration (DBA), ETL development, data modeling, business intelligence (BI) and analytics, data quality management, and cloud data warehousing. Thanks to our extensive experience, companies can make decisions and gain valuable insights from their data.