Sviluppo Innovativo nel Settore Biomedico

Essere parte dell’industria biomedica significa giocare un ruolo fondamentale nel progettare e sviluppare dispositivi e tecnologie che hanno un impatto tangibile sulla qualità della vita. Oggi il settore biomedico si avvale di una vasta gamma di tecnologie avanzate per creare soluzioni innovative. Con il continuo progresso tecnologico, l’industria biomedica continua a guidare l’innovazione e a trasformare radicalmente il panorama della salute e del benessere umano.

Albelissa rappresenta il partner strategico ottimale per le aziende in cerca di soluzioni all’avanguardia e di professionisti tecnici altamente qualificati.

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Reference sectors

  • Medical Robots
  • Medical Technologies
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data
  • Neural Technologies

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The Power of Our Network

Our true strength lies in the extensive network of industry professionals we’ve cultivated.

With Albelissa, you gain access to top-tier Consulting and Talent Services. More than that, we seamlessly integrate our handpicked consultants into your team to drive innovation.

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Our primary solution is simple: we find the right professionals for your needs, and we do it swiftly. Albelissa is committed to delivering highly qualified talent for your research and projects, ensuring we meet your timelines with precision.

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At Albelissa, we believe in custom solutions. Our services are designed to address your specific goals and challenges. We pride ourselves on flexibility, adapting to your project demands to ensure your success remains our primary focus.​

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Our partnerships are as diverse as your needs. Whether you require a long-term collaboration or a short-term solution, Albelissa adapts to your timeline. Our clients, like Whirlpool and Haier, trust us as recurring partners over the years, demonstrating our commitment to building lasting relationships.

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Reference profiles

  • Biomedical Equipment Technician
  • Biomedical Technician
  • Sr. Verification/Validation & Test Method Development Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • R&D Test Engineer
  • Medical Applications Developer
  • Application Consultant Radiation Oncology
  • Biomedical Modeling Scientist

Scienze Biomediche: Innovazione Tecnologica per la Salute Umana

The figure of the biomedical engineer is essential in building and developing devices and applications aimed at improving the quality of life to ensure a meaningful existence.

Today, biomedical science encompasses and leverages numerous technologies to develop solutions, particularly Robotics, Technology-Fueled Medicine, Smart Drugs, cloud computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR), Neural Technology, and Brain-Machine Interfacing tools.

Albelissa offers tailored recruiting services, specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the biomedical industry. Our talent network extends from young talents to experienced managers, ensuring a pool of exceptional candidates at every level of expertise in this ever-evolving sector.

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