About Us

Albelissa provides the skills for success

Albelissa was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing engineering solutions, primarily focusing on product development and prototypes

Over the years, Albelissa has broadened its array of services and expertise. We have significantly expanded our offerings to include technical recruiting, niche talent search, and IT & Digital solutions, dynamically adapting to evolving customer needs. Albelissa positions itself as a leader in enhancing organizational flexibility, improving internal competencies, and creating efficiencies in human resource organization and distribution. We are committed to streamlining internal processes and developing innovative projects that drive success.

What we do for you

Since 2005, Albelissa has been providing a comprehensive set of tailored services aimed at meeting the needs of both companies and candidates promptly.

  • we understand the specific dynamics of the job market in terms of specialization and skill
  • we support the entire collaboration process with companies, providing a reference point in achieving goals and building professional relationships
  • we continuously update our services to meet business needs and offer the best opportunities

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