Creating value through people
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Empowering Growth Through Talent and Collaboration

At Albelissa, we grasp the pivotal role exceptional talent plays in driving business prosperity. As an engineering outsourcing and technical recruitment company, our commitment lies in nurturing growth and innovation for both our clients and candidates.

We specialize in delivering top-tier technical workforce solutions, precisely tailored to propel success for our clients. With a team comprising adept technical professionals and dedicated recruiters fluent in the language of engineering, we deeply appreciate the distinct skills and experiences of every individual.

Rooted in partnership, our approach at Albelissa revolves around comprehending the needs of both our clients and candidates. This ensures that each placement becomes a mutually beneficial endeavor. By valuing every project and partnership, we collectively empower growth and innovation, forging forward, one collaboration at a time.


Global Reach

We have a global presence, with offices located across multiple countries worldwide. We facilitate the movement of skilled professionals between Europe, the USA, and Asia, offering high-quality technical expertise and diverse skill sets.



Albelissa guides its business decisions towards creating projects that promote sustainability on a human, environmental, and social level. The goal is to integrate this commitment into every phase of the processes through various useful and concrete initiatives. Learn more

Person Crop Circle

Gender Gap

We are committed to narrowing the gender gap in the engineering and technology sectors through initiatives like ‘Power für Mädchen‘. Our aim is to significantly reduce gender disparities, guaranteeing equal participation and career opportunities for all, irrespective of gender.


Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are key to our team’s success. We are dedicated to building teams comprised of individuals from a variety of experiences, backgrounds, and cultures. Embracing diverse perspectives enhances both our social and corporate capital.


Code of Ethics

At Albelissa, we uphold a strong ethical commitment, guided by shared principles and values. Our conduct emphasizes integrity, professionalism, fairness, transparency, and respect in all interactions. Our Code of Ethics prioritizes confidentiality, diversity, and social responsibility, continuously evolving to align with industry standards.