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Engineering and IT company leading in high-level Technical Recruitment


International Presence

We operate internationally, providing consulting in engineering, IT, personnel research and selection, innovation, and outsourcing services. With offices in various countries around the world, we ensure coverage of talented technical profiles with cross-cutting skills in Europe, USA, and Asia.

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Process Driven

We have a lot of experience working at and for multinational companies. So, we understand matrix organizations well and how complex it is to operate and interact with large and medium-structured companies. We are totally aligned with our customers, and we adapt fast to their ever-changing business needs.


Partner Network

We are committed to building an extensive network of industry professionals and teams with talented individuals from a variety of experiences, backgrounds, and cultures. With Albelissa, you gain access to top-tier consulting and research services.



We provide personalized execution and delivery tailored to meet the specific requirements of the client. This approach ensures that the products or services delivered align closely with the client’s expectations and objectives, resulting in higher satisfaction and successful outcomes.

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