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Terms of Use


The user undertakes to consult this website correctly (hereinafter the “Site”), which is the property of the company Albelissa S.r.l. (in the following “Albelissa”), to comply with the following conditions, both in terms of use and in relation to Copyright (in the following indicated overall as “Terms of Use”), and to use the same Site in accordance with the law, current uses and public order.


The user expressly undertakes to:
– not introduce, integrate or transmit on the Site content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory and/or libelous, vulgar, obscene, harmful to the privacy of others, racist, classist or otherwise regressive;
– not upload, publish, transmit or disseminate on the Site content that involves the violation of patents, trademarks, secrets, copyrights or other industrial and/or intellectual property rights of third parties (hereinafter, the “rights of third parties”);
– not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell and otherwise not to exploit for commercial purposes the contents of the Site or any part there of it;
– not access, alter or delete any information contained on the Site that has not been authorized to access.
Albelissa reserves the right to delete without notice any content or material, introduced by the user on the Site, that does not comply with these Terms of Use.
The user is expressly forbidden, unless authorized in writing by Albelissa, to copy or use, for purposes other than those provided for in these Terms of Use, any content or material (e.g. texts, images) present on the Site.


The creation of a hyperlink (hereinafter “Link”) between the Site and third-party sites is allowed under the following conditions:
– the Link must allow only and exclusive access to the Site, without any change in the content of the same;
– the web page in which the Link is integrated must not contain hyperlinks made with techniques aimed at preventing the recognition of the page, or masking the authorship of the contents of the Site (so-called framing);
– the web page in which the Link is integrated must not contain incorrect or false information on the contents and services of the Site. In particular, it is not allowed to state or imply that Albelissa has authorized the Link or the contents and services offered or available on the web page where the Link is integrated;
– the web page in which the Link is integrated must not contain any trademark, logo, payoff, designation, slogan or distinctive sign belonging to Albelissa, except those that form part of the Link itself;
– the web page in which the Link is integrated must not contain illegal information or content, contrary to morality, morality, public order or the rights of third parties.
The integration of the Link into a web page will not in any case involve the existence of relations between Albelissa and the owner and/or owner of the web page in question, nor the acceptance or approval by Albelissa of its contents or services.


The Site may contain advertisements or other links to websites belonging to third parties (hereafter, “third-party sites”). Albelissa here informs that it exercises no control over these third-party sites, and consequently assumes no responsibility, in any way, for their availability, their content, advertising and the products and/or services available on, or from, such third-party sites. The inclusion of advertising or Links to third-party sites does not imply and cannot be interpreted in any way as an endorsement, support or approval by Albelissa of their content. You acknowledge that the use of third-party sites takes place at your full risk and responsibility, and that Albelissa will not be responsible in any way for any direct or indirect damage that may result from your access to third-party sites and the use of the content and services of such third-party sites. The existence of advertising of or links to third-party sites does not imply the existence of an authorization by Albelissa to use its trademarks, protected material, business name or logos. If the user is aware of the existence of illegal content on third-party sites, he will have the duty to inform both the competent authority and Albelissa, so that it is possible to proceed with the immediate elimination of the Link with the third-party site in question.


You acknowledge that the Site and all software used in connection with the Site or in support of the Site (hereafter, the “Software”) are protected by applicable intellectual and/or industrial property laws. You also agree that the content contained in advertisements or information presented to you by the Site or advertisers is protected by copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual and/or industrial property rights. Except in the event that it is expressly authorized in writing by Albelissa, the user undertakes not to modify or dispose in any way (either free of charge or for consideration) and not to distribute, disseminate or create works based, in whole or in part, on the Site or the Software. To avoid doubt, the use of technologies that facilitate the copying of the content of the Software such as, inter alia, tools such as spider, spyware or boots is not allowed. All trademarks, logos, trade names and other distinctive signs of any kind used on the Site (hereinafter the “Distinctive Signs”), belong to Albelissa, subject to the possible presence of other signs, logos and trademarks belonging to third parties (by way of example, partner subjects, suppliers and customers of goods or services) and used by Albelissa with the permission of these. The use of Distinctive Signs by the user, in any way and for any purpose, including reproduction on other websites, without prior written authorization from Albelissa, is expressly prohibited.


The use of the information and features on the Site is under the total and complete responsibility of the user and, in the case of an underage user, of parental authority.


Albelissa is in no way responsible for the correctness of the information provided by users to the Site. The use of the Site is entirely at the user’s risk. The services of the Site are provided without any guarantee, explicit or implicit. Albelissa will not be liable in any way, other than through legal fault charged to Albelissa, for any direct and/or indirect damages, loss or loss of earnings, including, but not limited to, economic loss, loss or corruption of data, loss of benefits and/or interest, suffered by you and/or third parties in connection with the use of the Site and/or the information contained therein. Albelissa’s liability for the losses and/or damages suffered by the user due to the content of the Site or in any case in relation to the Site may be limited, if legally ascertained, to the appropriate modification or elimination from the Site, within a reasonable period of time, of the content or material that caused them. There is a possibility that attackers or attackers will introduce themselves to the Site, modifying its content and integrating material harmful to it, such as viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelboots, corrupted files, illicit content or any other type of destructive software that could damage the computer equipment or property of others. In this case, the user expressly accepts, now by then, that Albelissa will not in any case be held responsible for any damages, losses or changes generated by them to the user or to third parties, without exception. If circumstances permit, Albelissa will notify users of the interruption of the normal functioning of the Site and its services. Albelissa will not respond under any circumstances if you try to connect to the Site and use the software with a computer or programs that are obsolete compared to those normally used for an Internet connection. Albelissa is not liable under any circumstances for damage and prejudice of any kind caused by the lack of continuity, availability, reliability, usability of the Site and/or the software and, in particular, but not limited to, for errors of access to them. Albelissa will not be accountable for the speed and reliability of user access to the Internet or any type of communication network. Albelissa will not be liable for any losses or any other circumstances arising from the theft, theft or use of any user identification data (username and password) relating to the Site and access to the program and databases contained in (if any) the reserved part of the Site. It will be the user’s responsibility to keep confidential the identification data relating to the Site and access to (if any) reserved part.


Albelissa publishes texts and images owned on the Site. Albelissa, before publishing this content, carries out all appropriate checks in order to have permission for same and not to violate the copyrights or other exclusive rights of third parties. However, if it is found that the Guest Site, even in complete good faith, copyrighted content, therefore in violation of the provisions of the AGCOM regulation on the protection of copyright on electronic communications networks (approved by Resolution No. 680/13/CONS of 12 December 2013), or advertisements that in any capacity are affected by the rights of third parties, are expressly invited the holders of the aforementioned rights to report to Albelissa any irregularities in this regard, to request their regularization. We will take prompt action by implementing the removal from the Site of what is disputed.


Albelissa reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use without any prior notice and without the need to notify users in any way other than through the sole and exclusive update therein. The changes will be effective from their publication on the Site. Your use of the Site as a result of the change in the Terms of Use will be conditional on your acceptance. Albelissa requests and suggests users view this page regularly, in order to have correct and up-to-date knowledge of the Terms of Use.


If you do not comply with these Terms of Use, your access to the Site will be immediately interrupted and you must proceed with the destruction of all materials and content copied by you. Any violation of these Terms of Use by you will authorize Albelissa to prevent, immediately and without the need for any notice, the use of the Site and its services, and to delete your account to prevent further access. In the event of a violation of these Terms of Use by you, and in relation to the seriousness of such violations, Albelissa reserves the right to protect its rights at any location, without any obligation to notify you. For any dispute in relation to the validity, execution and/or interpretation of these Terms of Use, the Court of Turin will be exclusively competent.

Last update: 12 July 2023