Consumer Goods

Technological Evolution in the Consumer Market

In the dynamic consumer goods industry, technology and innovation are driving forces, requiring adaptability and expertise. Companies in this industry rely on advancements to stay competitive and meet changing consumer needs.

At Albelissa, we understand this need for innovation. We offer tailor-made engineering, research and recruitment solutions, focusing on cutting-edge expertise and strategic talent acquisition. Our goal is to support customers in staying ahead in the high-paced consumer goods industry.

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Our Services

In a constantly evolving market context and increasingly shorter product life cycles, Albelissa offers comprehensive technical support for the development of the company’s products. With our extensive experience across disciplines, we are able to collaborate with your in-house teams and provide them with the expertise they need to ensure continuous innovation of the final product.

Our solutions include:

  • Product design

  • Drafting and detailing
  • Structural and thermal Analysis

  • Reverse engineering

  • Simulation

  • 3D modeling and development of design concepts
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Your Partner for Food Tech Projects

Explore new possibilities in the food industry with Albelissa, your link to a network of specialists.

We connect you with a large group of highly qualified consultants with a proven track record in Food Tech projects. Thanks to them, you will have access to specialized skills to tackle any challenge in the agri-food sector, including:

  • New product development

  • Product optimization
  • Packaging solutions

  • Digital solutions

  • Market analysis and sustainability

Our Value Proposition

The Power of Our Network

Our true strength lies in the extensive network of industry professionals we’ve cultivated.

With Albelissa, you gain access to top-tier Consulting and Talent Services. More than that, we seamlessly integrate our handpicked consultants into your team to drive innovation.

Fast-tracking Your Success

Our primary solution is simple: we find the right professionals for your needs, and we do it swiftly. Albelissa is committed to delivering highly qualified talent for your research and projects, ensuring we meet your timelines with precision.

Your Needs, Our Priority

At Albelissa, we believe in custom solutions. Our services are designed to address your specific goals and challenges. We pride ourselves on flexibility, adapting to your project demands to ensure your success remains our primary focus.​

Long-term and Short-term Partnerhsips

Our partnerships are as diverse as your needs. Whether you require a long-term collaboration or a short-term solution, Albelissa adapts to your timeline. Our clients, like Whirlpool and Haier, trust us as recurring partners over the years, demonstrating our commitment to building lasting relationships.

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Reference Profiles

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Software Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Ramp & Extraction Algorithmic Engineer
  • Designer
  • Technical
  • Project Manager
  • Production Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Foreman

Navigating the Future of Consumer Goods

Consumer products such as appliances, groceries, beverages, packaged goods, clothing, automobiles, and electronic devices represent what is primarily purchased by individuals and households for personal use and entertainment, rather than manufacturers and industries. Without a doubt, this industry has a significant impact on everyone’s daily life. The increasing competition in the sector, in recent decades, with the entry of oriental giants on the market and the constant pressure for the adoption of new technologies, together with changes in consumer habits, pushes companies to constantly adapt to navigate the multiple future trends. The goal is to identify and leverage your strengths to maintain a space in the market and secure a competitive advantage in terms of profit.

The key point is consumers who, in addition to being increasingly active, are also more informed and aware: they expect companies to embrace issues such as social responsibility and to ensure the sustainability of their products through continuous improvement of production processes.

In building their own leadership position, companies must now face the challenge of Industry 4.0 – a real opportunity for those who know how to seize it. In this context, knowledge and specialisation emerge as key factors.The decision to invest in the world of technological innovation, automation of production processes and robotics, brings with it the openness of companies to create new professional figures and to the search for increasingly qualified personnel.

To identify the best technical talent in the industry, Albelissa has a rich pool of highly skilled resources covering a wide range of skills, including R&D, prototyping, product and component design, manufacturing process management, and product lifecycle and related cost analysis.

We offer customized recruitment and selection services to meet the needs of companies of any size, ensuring flexibility in bargaining and a variety of skills required. Our portfolio of profiles ranges from junior candidates to managerial positions, allowing you to find the right person for each role.

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