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Industry-Specific Technical Recruiting

Technical recruiting with industry experts

We understand the intricate needs of diverse industries, from the cutting edge of Hi Tech to the delicate precision of Biomedical research. Our team of seasoned professionals, equipped with in-depth industry knowledge and proven sourcing strategies, delivers high-caliber candidates who perfectly align with your unique project needs.

We collaborate closely with you to uncover the precise skillset, experience, and software/hardware proficiency required for success. Our rigorous processes extend beyond resumes, unearthing hidden talent who possess the specific skillset, intrinsic qualities and passion to fuel your innovation.

Recruiting tecnico

We empower companies across diverse sectors to:

Accelerate project development

Reduce hiring time and costs 

Gain a strategic advantage 

Gain access to a network of industry-specific talent

What we do for you

Since 2005, Albelissa has been providing a comprehensive set of tailored services aimed at meeting the needs of both companies and candidates promptly.

  • we understand the specific dynamics of the job market in terms of specialization and skills
  • we support the entire collaboration process with companies, providing a reference point in achieving goals and building professional relationships
  • we continuously update our services to meet business needs and offer the best opportunities
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Search & Selection

We provide companies with an intuitive web-based platform (ATS) integrated with our database and key job search channels, ensuring a wide portfolio of data. This allows for the optimization of the recruitment process and constant feedback on the search.

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Recruitment Process
Outsourcing (RPO)

We provide targeted professional consultancy aimed at identifying critical points and creating a customized workflow to improve the entire recruitment process. This ensures greater flexibility to adapt to the diverse needs of the business.

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On-site Consulting

We provide specialized consultations directly at your company. Our team of expert consultants will be fully dedicated to your specific project, delivering high-level expertise to meet your needs while adhering to agreed-upon timelines and budgets.

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Job Hosting

We can provide companies with a platform dedicated to posting job openings. Our team conducts technical screening of candidates and constant oversight of the opportunities section to make the search for personnel more efficient and timely.

Our Recruitment Process

Candidate Company Interim Manager


The candidate submits their application for the position of interest via our career portal. Their CV is entered into our GDPR-compliant database where it is readily accessible to our team of technical recruiters for immediate attention.

Job Search


Our recruitment team analyzes the profile and finds the company and job opportunity that best matches the candidate’s technical profile.


Interview and Job Offer

We act as an intermediary and support the two parties, the hiring company and the technical professional, in finding the best agreement for both, facilitating open communication and addressing any concerns or questions that may arise along the way.

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Our client is in search of technical talent and provides a job description, which we carefully review and optimize to target and attract the profile that best meets the project’s needs.

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We search, solicit, screen and select the best candidates from Albelissa databases, professional networks and industry platforms, leveraging our technical expertise in the engineering and computer science sectors.


Presentation and Recruitment

We work with the client company and the final candidate(s) to reach a basic agreement and to conclude the recruitment project as as expediently as possible.



The company is launching a new technology and/or industrial project and seeks a managerial leader capable of overseeing it alongside the internal team.

Job Search

Interim Manager

Senior expert in the sector, he/she has the technical skills with proven experience in the reference market in managerial roles (CFO, Plant Manager, …) and is looking for an innovative project.

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Recruitment and Hiring Manager

We search and solicit for the best candidate and support the two parties, our client and senior professional, to find the best situation for both.

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