Our consultancy services cover all engineering disciplines and major industries on a domestic and international arena. We offer our clients workforce flexibility and contingent resources

At Albelissa, we understand the evolving demands of today’s engineering landscape.

That’s why we’re committed to providing flexible and scalable solutions designed to tackle your unique challenges.

We deliver engineering projects in three main categories:

Turn-key Solutions

Our turn-key remote engineering solutions begin with a thorough needs analysis and preliminary scoping, culminating in a fully developed engineering package ready for client adoption or market launch. This approach is particularly beneficial for clients requiring high-tech innovation and specialization but lacking in-house capabilities. Leveraging our extensive network of international partners and professionals, we deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs.

Offshore Engineering Outsourcing

Our joint venture outsourced engineering services from India and China ensure maximum efficiency, quality, and cost savings. We tailor our services to meet clients’ exact needs, evaluating staffing economies and project efficiencies to design seamless delivery processes. With experienced professionals in our clients’ specific sectors, we integrate engineering forces seamlessly, aiding clients in building internal teams and providing a cost-effective channel for offshore work.

Team Integration

We can co-locate our team of seasoned professionals directly with the client, fostering a deeper level of integration and performance control throughout the project’s development and execution phases. This collaborative approach facilitates immediate knowledge exchange and a comprehensive understanding of both the project and the dynamics of the client’s organization. By working side by side, our team and yours seamlessly merge efforts, enabling enhanced communication, synergy, and ultimately, project success.

Sample project work by discipline: