Albelissa Partnership Models

The Albelissa Partner Network has four structured levels of partnership: Direct Partner, Cooperative Partner, Moonlight Partner and Referral Partner. Each tier offers benefits that deliver specific value to the partner. You do not have to pay in any fees but agree to standard terms & conditions that protect you, us and the customers while allowing all the stakeholders to extract value from the professional relationship we establish and manage.

Direct Partners

Direct Partners will gain access to an extensive pool of offshore IT & Engineering resources from our Indian and Romanian offices. Access to these diversified and skilled resources can ignite your development of large and expert projects. We will provide the PM interface to set the process and manage the work; all you are required to do is to follow a defined process that we will develop together.

Cooperative Partners

Cooperative Partners will operate under Albelissa and deliver their value through our service umbrella agreements. Albelissa will manage the relationship with our customers while leveraging the partners’ strengths and employ part of its team to deliver the service

Moonlight Partners

Moonlight Partners are individual freelance recruiters that operate on Abelissa’s platform to perform services efficiently and independently for their customers, our customers and other partners’ customers. You will be able to operate freely and anonymously on our platform. We will protect your privacy and guarantee your payment through direct contract agreements with customers, and we pay you directly. All you need is a PayPal account or a national tax ID number.

Referral Partners

Referral Partners introduce Albelissa to prospective clients acting as scouts for non-public projects. In return, there is a referral fee for the successful execution of a business relationship with the new client. Many Referral Partners that have adopted Albelissa BPO can generate additional revenues by sponsoring our BPO solutions and services to their customers.

Albelissa is continually looking for partners to add value to our service offerings and increase our opportunity base/pipeline. We believe in mutually beneficial relationships with a 360° open forum for business exchange and win-win partnering. We look forward providing an opportunity to grow together in a mutually beneficial business relationship. Interested in being our partner? For more informations please follow the link.



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